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The International Year of Health and Care Workers. COVID-19 Case Management Webinar Series: Home based and Community care models for mild and moderate COVID-19. 4 August 2021 13:30 – 16:00 CET Launch Event: Global Patient Safety Action Plan 2021-2030. 4 August 2021 13:00 – …

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Health topics

(4 days ago) Self-care interventions for health. Disease & conditions. Sepsis. Emergencies, outbreaks & pandemics. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Workforce & health systems. Sexual health. Disease & conditions. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) Emergencies, outbreaks & pandemics. Smallpox.

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WHO Health statistics

(1 days ago) Health statistics include both empirical data and estimates related to health, such as mortality, morbidity, risk factors, health service coverage, and health systems. The production and dissemination of health statistics is a core WHO activity mandated to WHO by its Member States in its Constitution.

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Determinants of health

(3 days ago) The determinants of health include: the social and economic environment, the physical environment, and. the person’s individual characteristics and behaviours. The context of people’s lives determine their health, and so blaming individuals for having poor health or crediting them for good health is inappropriate.

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International Classification of Health Interventions (ICHI)

(8 days ago) The International Classification of Health Interventions (ICHI) is being developed to provide a common tool for reporting and analysing health interventions for statistical purposes. A health intervention is an act performed for, with or on behalf of a person or population whose purpose is to assess, improve, maintain, promote or modify health, functioning or health conditions.

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(Just Now) 20, AVENUE APPIA – CH-1211 GENEVA 27 – SWITZERLAND – TEL CENTRAL +41 22 791 2111 – FAX CENTRAL +41 22 791 3111 – WWW.WHO.INT WHO INFORMATION NOTICE FOR USERS Product name: All malaria and G6PD rapid diagnostic tests manufactured by Access Bio Inc. (Annex 1) WHO-identifier: 2020/1, version 6 Type of action: Advice to national malaria control programme …

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Research Ethics in International Epidemic Response

(1 days ago) health practitioners can be equipped with tools to help them assess whether their planned activities comport with principles of public health ethics. Training modules for research ethics committees and public health professionals should be created to support this …

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(5 days ago) Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment.

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Travel advice

(3 days ago) Health risks when travelling. Travelling can increase risks to personal health and wellbeing, and these risks should be understood when planning travel, particularly to unfamiliar, distant or remote areas. Air travel exposes passengers to a number of factors that may have an impact on health.

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WHO Country measurement and evaluation

(2 days ago) The main health facility-related data sources are public health surveillance, health services data (also sometimes referred to as health management information system or routine health information system) and health system monitoring data (e.g. human resources, health infrastructure, financing).

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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – World Health Organization

(3 days ago) Primary health care around the world: delivering health services to people where they need it. 20 July 2021. WHO continues fight against pandemic amid worsening global public health emergency and uneven vaccine rollout. 14 July 2021. Vaccine efficacy, effectiveness and protection.

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Health statistics

(7 days ago) The World Health Statistics 2018, WHO’s annual snapshot of the state of the world’s health, highlights that while remarkable progress towards the SDGs has been made in some areas, in other areas progress has stalled and the gains that have been made could easily be lost.

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WHO Health conditions

(6 days ago) Health conditions. Undernutrition is the largely preventable cause of over a third of all child deaths. WHO/Marko Kokic. Nutrition interventions can have a positive impact on micronutrient deficiencies and undernutrition as well as on acute infections like diarrhoea, malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.

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Data at WHO

(5 days ago) Health equity country profiles contain disaggregated data related to reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health interventions and outcomes indicators for a selected country. Data standards The WHO Family of International Classifications (FIC) is a set of integrated classifications that provide a common language for health information

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Gender and health

(8 days ago) Gender norms, roles and relations, and gender inequality and inequity, affect people’s health all around the world. This Q&A examines the links between gender and health, highlighting WHO’s ongoing work to address gender-related barriers to healthcare, advance gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls in all their diversity, and achieve health for all.

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(1 days ago) Health Emergency Highlights contains information on the current humanitarian context, the health priorities and response operations in focus countries for that month. Each issue also highlights policy work in the area of health humanitarian action done by WHO and partners, events and thematic issues related to health in emergencies. Subscribe.

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WHO eHealth at WHO

(7 days ago) The World Health Assembly in 2013 recognized the need for health data standardization to be part of eHealth systems and services, and the importance of proper governance and operation of health-related global top-level Internet domain names, including “.health” (66th World Health Assembly, 2013; Geneva, Switzerland). Resolution WHA66.24

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Advice for the public

(1 days ago) Call your health care provider or hotline for advice. Have someone bring you supplies. If you need to leave your house or have someone near you, wear a medical mask to avoid infecting others. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention immediately.

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WHO guideline: Management of infants and children at high

(9 days ago) 1 day ago · A primary health care approach includes three components: 1) meeting people’s health needs throughout their lives; 2) addressing the broader determinants of health through multisectoral policy and action; and 3) empowering individuals, families and communities to take charge of their own health. 7 People-centred care is an approach to care

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WHO Nigeria

(5 days ago) Nigeria. Nigeria has one of the largest stocks of human resources for health (HRH) in Africa but, like the other 57 HRH crisis countries, has densities of nurses, midwives and doctors that are still too low to effectively deliver essential health services (1.95 per 1,000).

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Call for consultant in Health Workforce Department and

(5 days ago) The purpose of this consultancy is to work with the WHO Rehabilitation Programme and Health Workforce Department to: Support the finalization and implementation of the Guide for Rehabilitation Workforce Evaluation (GROWE) in countries. Integrate health condition-specific assessment and intervention tasks into the WHO Rehabilitation Competency Framework, and …

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Maintaining essential health services

(5 days ago) The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the capacity of health systems to continue the delivery of essential health services. While health systems around the world are being challenged by increasing demand for care of COVID-19 patients, it is critical to maintain preventive and curative services, especially for the most vulnerable populations, such as children, older persons, people

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WHO Working for health and growth: investing in the

(4 days ago) The High-Level Commission on Health Employment and Economic Growth was established by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in March 2016. Its task: to make recommendations to stimulate and guide the creation of at least 40 million new jobs in the health and social sectors, and to reduce the projected shortfall of 18 million health workers, primarily in low- and lower-middle-income

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Health Emergency and Disaster Risk Management Framework

(8 days ago) versal health coverage, for health security, and health for all. This Health Emergency and Disaster Risk Manage-ment (EDRM) Framework is a substantial response to this challenge. It emphasizes the critical impor-tance of prevention, preparedness and readiness, to - gether with response and recovery, to save lives and protect health.

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(2 days ago) Health, social and economic benefits of addressing endometriosis Endometriosis has significant social, public health and economic implications. It can decrease quality of life due to severe pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and infertility. Some individuals with endometriosis experience debilitating endometriosis-associated pain that prevents

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WHO Executive Board

(2 days ago) The Executive Board is composed of 34 technically qualified members elected for three-year terms. The annual Board meeting is held in January when the members agree upon the agenda for the World Health Assembly and the resolutions to be considered by the Health Assembly.

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When and how to use masks

(7 days ago) This document provides updated guidance on mask use in health care and community settings, and during home care for COVID-19 cases. It is intended Download. Read More. 21 August 2020. Advice on the use of masks for children in the community in the context of COVID-19.

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Hospitals in Western Pacific

(8 days ago) Hospitals are the dominant component of health service delivery. Achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is impossible without clearly identifying the role of hospitals and optimizing their performance. Nevertheless, countries continue to struggle to improve hospital planning and management. Facility-level challenges such as weak management, escalating costs, long waiting periods, poor

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Health systems governance

(4 days ago) Health governance in the Western Pacific. Health system governance refers to the rules and norms that shape roles and responsibilities, incentives and interactions in the health sector. Governments play a major role in setting the governance arrangements in the health sector. They act through a broad range of legal, policy, planning and

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Attacks on Health Care: Three-year analysis of SSA data

(9 days ago) 2 days ago · Overall, health personnel is the most frequently affected health resource 9. In 2018 and 2019, attacks on health care impacted health personnel in about two thirds of reported incidents. In 2020, reported attacks affecting health personnel were less frequent than in previous years, while attacks affecting health facilities became more frequent.

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WHO Director-General's opening remarks at the media

(6 days ago) 1 day ago · WHO Director-General's opening remarks at the media briefing on COVID- 4 August 2021. 4 August 2021. Good morning, good afternoon and good evening. In January of this year, a midwife from Uganda called Harriet Nayiga joined our press conference to talk about her experience as a health worker during the pandemic.

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Health Equity Assessment Toolkit

(1 days ago) The Health Equity Assessment Toolkit (HEAT) is a software application that facilitates the assessment of within-country health inequalities. It was developed for use on desktop or laptop computers and mobile devices (minimum screen size of 7.9 inches recommended).

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Health budget

(2 days ago) Public financing is essential for achieving UHC. This makes public budgets a key component of UHC reform.

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gender and malaria

(2 days ago) Gender,Health Gender and Health Despite prevention and control efforts, malaria remains a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. According to data for 2005, an estimated 1 million deaths were related to malaria. Most of these deaths occur in children in high-transmission areas

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