COVID-19 / Novel Coronavirus And Your Immune System

Gut health focus ensures that the right nutrients are going into the body to sustain a well human being. A good example of this gut health and nutrition is serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical in the brain that affects your mood. Much like ascorbic acid not being naturally produced in the body.

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Gut Health For Your Recovery

(7 days ago) Food quality directly influences the way your brain functions. Nutrition and Recovery Whenever your body isn’t producing enough of the right nutrients or they are out of balance, you will naturally start to feel irritable and anxious as your serotonin levels fluctuate. Inside the first year or two of recovery, your nutritional requirements are much…

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15 Early Warning Signs of a Mental Health Condition

(5 days ago) Mental health conditions seldom appear unexpectedly. More often than not, close relatives and friends and often affected individuals themselves identify changes or feelings that something is wrong in their cognitive thinking patterns, internal feelings or behaviours before an actual diagnosable issue progresses into a clear-cut case. Here are some of the early warning signs …

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Mental Health an Wellness Blog in Cape Town : Cape …

(8 days ago) Mental health news for treatment and recovery. Build a life free from self-destructive behaviours and live the person you were born to be.

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Private Depression Care Centre Based in Cape Town, …

(6 days ago) There are various types of depression, as well as personalised mental health solutions. The precise diagnosis and treatment can be determined after we are able to best understand the issues in play – The important thing to know is that depression is treatable, it may take some time to establish what routines and care will work.

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Why We Ignore Our Health, Wellbeing

(8 days ago) Over focus on work and relationships and health may suffer. Etc there are just so many hours in a day, week or month. This is an imbalance can cause you to feel like you have “failed” somewhere along the line (of course we don’t cognitively acknowledge this as a failure) but we do feel that there is a missing component.

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Do I Have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or Complex Post

(Just Now) C-PTSD is widely accepted in health circles as a psychological disorder similar to, but more severe than PTSD. Most long term symptoms of trauma-related stress are assigned to C-PTSD, as they are usually caused by more than one event …

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Heroin addiction Treatment Centres Based in Cape Town

(5 days ago) Heroin does not damage organs directly, but the toxin suppresses bodily functions. It brings with it a number of health and social harms. On the social side it leads to a life on the shadowy side of society, making it difficult to maintain normal social functions. It ruins relationships, finances and other interests.

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The 10 Warning Signs That You're A Sex Addict

(5 days ago) It could be their job that is suffering, their finances, their relationships or their health; essentially life becomes unmanageable. It is this unmanageability which is the hallmark of sex addiction. The absolute obsession with sexual gratification leads to so much time spent planning the feeding of their addiction, engaging in the addiction

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Emotionally Neglected Children Can Result in Addicted …

(7 days ago) Medication prescribed by a qualified mental health professional can be beneficial for symptomatic treatment, but specialist cognitive therapy designed for the specific individual is the recommended procedure for long-term relief without the drawbacks of medication.

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COVID-19 Rehabilitation from PTSD, Anxiety and Stress

(2 days ago) Studies on mental health in many previous disease outbreaks have shown that many individuals exposed to life-threatening diseases can also experience longer-term psychological aftereffects such as PTSD, anxiety and depression that extend far beyond the active infection.

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Personal Growth and Transformation Centres in Cape Town

(4 days ago) Personal problems, work-related issues, problems in relationships, health and fitness help, helping to achieve romance and love, debt management and self-esteem are a most common areas for growth. Personal development is largely about the awareness of your behaviour, thought patterns and emotions.

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Eating Disorder Clinic And Treatment Centre in Cape Town

(4 days ago) Eating Disorder Recovery Centre. “Eating Disorder” (ED) is a collective term used for range of psychological disorders that are related to food. The best-known eating disorders are Anorexia (Anorexia nervosa), Bulimia (Bulimia Nervosa) and Overeating / Binge Eating Disorders (BED). Anorexia Nervosa.

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Recovery Directs Services in The Cape Town Treatment Centre

(2 days ago) Treatment Centre in Cape Town. Luxury private care rehabilitation therapy based in Cape Town provides the ideal retreat for individuals suffering from the process or substance-related issues. This facility offers private inpatient, aftercare and outpatient programmes. Please also see our COVID-19 admissions safety information here.

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Learn Everything You Need to Know About Treating Cannabis

(7 days ago) While mass media hails the attributes of “legalised” weed and or supposed health benefits, this is by no means a simple harmless plant in the context of addiction. Treatment for cannabis dependency. There are various, well established, cannabis addiction treatment programs available that can be tailored to fit your situation.

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Using "Tough Love" To Treat Mental Health

(3 days ago) Using “Tough Love” To Treat Mental Health. The term “tough love” was first coined in 1968 by Bill Milliken when he authored the book “ Tough Love ”, and since then one of the key concepts adopted by thousands of individuals as the basis for treating addiction and it is sincerely misguided. Bill Milliken’s description of the tough

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Recovery Planning

(1 days ago) A mental health recovery plan is a written document, prepared by or for you, that helps you to recover from mental and/or substance use disorders, over the short and long term. It can also educate others about your problem and enable them to help you to recover from or avoid a relapse. It stipulates your…

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Mental Health Minute on Magic828

(6 days ago) Follow the mental health tips playlist on Soundcloud for more information and tips for improving your mental health and wellbeing.. Here is a list of possible warning signs that you may need to speak to a mental health professional. You are in a heightened state of worry, fear or panic more often than usual; You are finding it very hard to enjoy the things you used to enjoy in life

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List Of Adverse Childhood Conditions

(6 days ago) Health disparities and ACEs. Preventing ACEs is part of addressing systemic imbalances in South Africa. While ACEs impact people of all ages, those who live in more deprived areas are more susceptible to perpetuating the cycle. ACEs have been shown to have long-term consequences on health and behaviour in people of all ages.

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LGBTQ and Gay Friendly Counselling and Support For

(9 days ago) Resolving past trauma and deeply rooted pain that has distorted so much of their true self. As an LGBTQ friendly-recovery centre dedicated to trauma resolution we understand these mental health treatment barriers and will work with you to address the underlying drivers of addiction and a broad range of related behaviour disorders.

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Best Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Cape Town South Africa

(4 days ago) Addiction Recovery Outpatient and Aftercare Programme . Breaking the cycle in a short term residential programme is just the first step in the journey of recovery. Recovery Direct hosts a comprehensive aftercare programme specifically designed around restoring the health and wellbeing of each patient.

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Registered Counselling Cape Town & Therapist Services in

(5 days ago) The personal counsellor assessment process in Cape Town. In a treatment centre, there are a number of registered counsellors and each has their own personality type and life experience and area of expertise.Much of the role of an individual counsellor is to establish trust and congruence with the patient/s so that in sessions you can approach sensitive topics in the shortest time …

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Rehab in South Africa Your Mental Health & Addiction

(2 days ago) Recovery Direct is a group of specialised private rehabilitation services for substance and behaviour disorder help in South Africa. The underlying drivers of addiction and self-destructive behaviours are often rooted in pain and trauma experienced either physically or psychologically. Our specialist-led, exclusive trauma recovery centre works

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Why Is It Good Business Sense To Hire Recovering Staff

(8 days ago) They still bring the effects into the workplace: absenteeism, lack of focus, health problems, panicked phone calls and raised voices. There’ll be a lot of emotional manipulation, self-pity, excuses, and looking for sympathy. Research says that one in …

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Evidence Based Trauma Care & Personal Growth Program Cape …

(3 days ago) Our vision is to be the most advanced personal growth academy in the world. Enabling people to break free self-inhibiting thoughts and behaviours and lead full lives. Depression, anxiety, stress, alcohol addiction, drug addiciton and other “mental health” conditions are merely symptoms of other problems often created by past trauma.

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You Can Stop Emotional Blackmail and Manipulation In It's

(7 days ago) Mental Health, News, Relationships By 2nd Sep 2020. suggests that 7 Ways to Let Go of a Past Love Make the decision to let go Allow some obsessing Stay with the loneliness Distinguish love from infatuation Learn to detach Build a sense of self Open your heart to love.

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Stress Treatment : Building Resilience to Chronic Stress

(Just Now) Chronic stress is a response to emotional pressure, suffered over a long period of time, in which individuals perceive they have little or no control over the eventual outcome of a long-term event or a series of short-term events. You may experience harmful emotional and physical effects as a direct result of prolonged stress.

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Selecting The Right Therapy Centres in Cape Town : Cape

(4 days ago) Our weekly blog also features a number of great articles related to dealing with addiction and many key mental health and wellbeing topics related to trauma, relationships and personal growth. The Hidden Dangers of Little Blue Pills. News By 7th Aug 2018.

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Pre-Alcoholic or Symptomatic Drinking Stages of Alcohol

(2 days ago) Many people suffering from periodic or intermittent mental health issues such as depression or anxiety also wind up using alcohol as a means to cope with the tough times. There are a number of standard tests used to identify the symptoms of addiction , however symptomatic drinking can frequently linger in the fringes of the abnormal behaviour

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When Does Alcohol Use Turn Into An Alcohol Use Disorder

(2 days ago) According to the World Health Organisation: About 40% of the world population uses alcohol. The other 60% does not use alcohol, either by personal choice or due to religion, culture or custom. Of the alcohol-using population, each person older than 15 years drinks 17 litres of …

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Get Help With Benzodiazepine Addictions and Treatment in

(1 days ago) Long term use leads to increased physical and mental health problems. Abrupt dose reduction or abstinence results in a withdrawal factor. The use continues for years, because of fear of the withdrawal symptoms and the users’ doubts about coping with the emotions that made them use the drug in the first place. Benzodiazepine addiction has

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Setting Up A Workplace Intervention

(9 days ago) Evaluation of a patient’s specific circumstances by a suitably qualified health professional is an essential requirement for personal advice. If you are struggling with substance use issues , you will find the sensitive and discreet help that you need by …

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Online Therapy South Africa : Personalised Rehab Care

(4 days ago) Recovery Direct provides comprehensive therapeutic care for individuals suffering from substance use disorder and associated mental health conditions that commonly include eating disorders, gambling, sex, depression, trauma and anxiety related issues.

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Signs and Symptoms of Khat Addiction : Getting Help With

(2 days ago) Long term use of Kat will severely affect your mental health. Depression is also a common side effect with the abuse of Kat. When you stop using the drug with the help of a rehab centre, at first you will experience a form of anxiety because you will realise that all your problems have not disappeared while you were high on Kat.

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FAS Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Crisis in South Africa

(1 days ago) It is a serious public health, social and economic issue that affects millions of people in South Africa placing incredible strain on the taxpayer and public services. South Africa’s Culture of Drinking. FARR’s Leana says that it has become socially acceptable to …

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Can Alcoholic Neuropathy be Cured

(4 days ago) After detoxification and the restoration of nutrients, some of the neuropathic symptoms will fade naturally, whilst others will require further medical treatment. In some cases, there may be permanent nerve damage. Long-term treatment includes eating a good diet and taking health supplements to preserve neural health.

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Addiction Counselling Online ⥥ Evidence Based Recovery Therapy

(Just Now) Addiction therapists have extensive experience in the treatment of a wide range of self destructive behaviours and are trained in dealing with clients who are struggling with substance abuse, eating disorders and a wide variety of behavioural issues that surround addiction. Having known the pain, hopelessness and destruction caused by the grip

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Complex Trauma Treatment & Addictions in The Cape Town

(5 days ago) Mental Health, News, Relationships By 11th Aug 2020. In order for relationships to succeed there needs to be an alliance that includes a mutual effort toward instilling positivity, empathy, commitment, acceptance and respect. Without the commitment toward this seemingly obvious and simple relationship can fall into many

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The Staggering Stats of Addiction in South Africa

(3 days ago) The Staggering Stats of Addiction in South Africa. At least 15 percent of South Africans are said to have a drug problem, according to the country’s Central Drug Authority. According to an article published on Parent24, we’ve gone from 8 787 people admitted for drug treatment in 2016 in SA to 10 047 in 2017.

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Reclaim Your Life After Childhood Sexual Abuse : Childhood

(Just Now) Most CSA victims sustain chronic detrimental psychological and behaviour patterns, as well as a range of physical health issues. Survivors may be unaware of the magnitude of the problem and attempt to cope with it by opting for maladaptations, ineffective self-healing methods frequently resulting in substance abuse.

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FAQ South Africas Most Advanced Rehab Programs by Recovery

(7 days ago) Recovery Direct is an evidence-based recovery centre for a broad range of mental health and wellness services. Our primary areas of focus include substance use, intimacy, depressive, anxiety and eating disorders. Recovery Direct helps to treat substance use, behaviour and underlying trauma, through a comprehensive multi-faceted treatment

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How To Tell When You Are Addicted to Cocaine

(3 days ago) The health effects of cocaine abuse Short-term : Rewarding effects: Euphoria, excitement, increased energy, alertness, sensitivity to sight and sound, high self-esteem, heightened libido, feelings of companionship (even with strangers).

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Four Common Ways In Which PTSD Can Manifest in Your Life

(8 days ago) Entering a therapeutic process with a trained mental health professional can open up a pathway to recovery and allow PTSD sufferers to manage their symptoms effectively. Drivers of behaviours and emotions in later life are very often rooted in past underlying pain or trauma experienced either physically or emotionally.

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Recovery Focused Tourism and A New Life, Free From Addiction

(7 days ago) Treat yourself to something special. Go for a manicure, a massage, read a book. The simple things matter. You have a responsibility to yourself to look after your health and your body. This does not necessarily mean a punishing gym routine or embarking on a very strict diet, it means finding out what works for you.

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Premium Private Gambling Addiction Treatment Clinic in

(4 days ago) Recovery Direct provides comprehensive therapeutic care for individuals suffering from compulsive gambling disorders and associated mental health conditions that commonly which also includes food disorders, sex, depression, trauma and anxiety.

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How to Use Nutrition for Addiction Recovery

(6 days ago) It is well recognized that alcohol consumption causes shortages in nutrients like Thiamine (Vitamin B1) Folic acid Vitamin B6. The body is a remarkably resilient machine, by establishing gut health through eating the right types of food, you enable your body to produce the chemicals it needs to manage moods and restore organs to functional states.

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Treatment For Ecstasy Related Addiction Disorders : MDMA

(6 days ago) Long term ecstasy users frequently show symptoms of physical distortion and a general decline in social, workplace, financial and emotional health. Possession of …

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