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Oregon Mental Health is a site about behavioral health. Its articles members includes information about psychiatry, psychology, clinical social work, and psychiatric nurse practitioner who provide goal-oriented, brief therapy in the least restrictive setting and with the least intrusive modality.

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June 2021 – Oregon Mental Health

(8 days ago) Mental Health. The World Health Organization states that wellness begins with optimal mental health. It is the primary factor for our overall well-being. Optimal mental health provides us with the capacity to efficiently cope with the challenging stressors of living life every day.

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Oregon Mental Health – Page 2 – Helping People Deal …

(7 days ago) Source: health.mil. Our brains are always seeking out the threat. It is part of its function to allow us to create decisions such as fighting it or running away from it. However, if there is no option available, that is when we find ourselves in a frozen state. And it is a mental status where our brain reacts to things emotionally and differently.

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September 2020 – Oregon Mental Health

(8 days ago) How A Toxic Relationship Affected My Mental Health. Source: pexels.com. I met James when he had nothing but hopes and dreams for the future. He was a struggling screenwriter, you see. He had a script that he could turn into a movie, but production companies already turned him down.

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Emotional Disturbance Is Real

(5 days ago) Source: slideplayer.com . In my view, the mental health field has largely ignored understanding what healthy thinking, emotions, spirit and behavior should look like in our 21st Century world of rapid change, interconnection, constant flux and unpredictability.Douglas LaBier Ph.D.

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