NCBI's Health resources include databases for use in clinical practice and medical research that contain information about human disease and pathology, including diagnostics and treatments. How to. Find genes associated with a condition; Find variations with a clinical assertion for a condition; View genotype frequency for a gene or condition

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National Library of Medicine

(4 days ago) The National Library of Medicine (NLM), on the NIH campus in Bethesda, Maryland, is the world's largest biomedical library and the developer of electronic information services that delivers data to millions of scientists, health professionals and members of the public around the globe, every day.

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For Healthcare Professionals

(7 days ago) MedlinePlus Health Information Trusted health information about diseases, conditions, and wellness issues for patients and their family and friends. NIH MedlinePlus Magazine The NIH MedlinePlus magazine provides reliable, up-to-date information on health topics to patients and families and the latest breakthroughs from NIH-supported research.

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Facemasks in the COVID-19 era: A health hypothesis

(3 days ago) Hypothesis. On January 30, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced a global public health emergency of severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) causing illness of coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) .As of October 1, 2020, worldwide 34,166,633 cases were reported and 1,018,876 have died with virus diagnosis.

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The State of Health Disparities in the United States

(5 days ago) HEALTH DISPARITIES. For the purposes of this report, health disparities are differences that exist among specific population groups in the United States in the attainment of full health potential that can be measured by differences in incidence, prevalence, mortality, burden of disease, and other adverse health conditions ().While the term disparities is often used or interpreted to reflect

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Health Problems of Homeless People

(5 days ago) Health Problems That Result from Being Homeless. Homelessness increases the risk of developing health problems such as diseases of the extremities and skin disorders; it increases the possibility of trauma, especially as a result of physical assault or rape (Kelly, 1985). 2 It can also turn a relatively minor health problem into a serious illness, as can be seen by the case of Doris Foy:

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The Formulation of Health Policy by the Three Branches of

(5 days ago) Health policy encompasses a vast range of issues in health care, public health, and biotechnology. This essay selects illustrations from several areas that, over a period of time, have generated a great deal of policy formulated by each branch of government.

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Happiness and Health

(1 days ago) Research into the relationship between happiness and health is developing rapidly, exploring the possibility that impaired happiness is not only a consequence of ill-health but also a potential contributor to disease risk. Happiness encompasses several constructs, including affective well-being (fee …

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The Hidden Dangers of Fast and Processed Food

(3 days ago) Overview. The fundamental concern as we look to reform health in America is the known reality that most chronic diseases that afflict Americans are predominantly lifestyle induced; and the belief is that the vast majority of heart attacks and strokes could be prevented if people were willing to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors.

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Nutritional Update for Physicians: Plant-Based Diets

(3 days ago) National dietary guidelines for active living and healthful eating are available at typical healthful plate of food is 1/2 plant foods (nonstarchy vegetables and fruits), 1/4 whole grains or unprocessed starchy food, and 1/4 lean protein.

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Health advocacy

(1 days ago) Health inequities are disparities in health between populations, perpetuated by economic, social, and political forces. Although it is clear that efforts to improve the health of an individual or population must consider "upstream" factors, how this is operationalized in medicine and medical education is …

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The Health Care Delivery System

(5 days ago) This chapter addresses the issues of access, managing chronic disease, neglected health care services (i.e., clinical preventive services, oral, and mental health care and substance abuse services), and the capacity of the health care delivery system to better serve the population in terms of cultural competence, quality, the workforce, financing, information technology, and emergency

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What does 'access to health care' mean

(1 days ago) Facilitating access is concerned with helping people to command appropriate health care resources in order to preserve or improve their health. Access is a complex concept and at least four aspects require evaluation. If services are available and there is an adequate supply of services, then the op …

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Impact of COVID-19 and lockdown on mental health of

(3 days ago) Mental health considerations for children quarantined: Liu.J.,Bao Y.,Huang X.,&Lu Lin.(2020). Mental health considerations for children quarantined because of COVID-19. Short review: A large number of children have been quarantined in addition to the adult population.

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Health, Health-Related Quality of Life, and Quality of

(1 days ago) The terms health, health-related quality of life (HRQoL), and quality of life (QoL) are used interchangeably. Given that these are three key terms in the literature, their appropriate and clear use is important. This paper reviews the history and definitions of the terms and considers how they have …

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The coronavirus (COVID‐19) pandemic's impact on mental health

(3 days ago) Health workers trying to save lives and protect society may also experience social distancing, changes in the behavior of family members, and stigmatization for being suspected of carrying COVID‐19. 6 Previously infected individuals and health professionals (dealing pandemic) may develop sadness, anger, or frustration because friends or loved

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A History of the Public Health System

(5 days ago) In Chapter 1, the committee found that the current public health system must play a critical role in handling major threats to the public health, but that this system is currently in disarray. Chapter 2 explained the committee's ideal for the public health system—how it should be arranged for handling current and future threats to health. In this chapter the history of the existing public

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Informed Consent

(5 days ago) Informed consent is the process in which a health care provider educates a patient about the risks, benefits, and alternatives of a given procedure or intervention. The patient must be competent to make a voluntary decision about whether to undergo the procedure or intervention. Informed consent is both an ethical and legal obligation of medical practitioners in the US and originates from the

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Technology and the Future of Healthcare

(3 days ago) Health 2.0. There are many areas where the scale and unit profits of the healthcare market will drive technical developments. Collectively, this technology-driven progress in healthcare is sometimes called Health 2.0, to distinguish it from what we are doing now – Health 1.0. While Health 2.0 is exciting, it is sobering to realize that

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Health Economics Information Resources: A Self-Study Course

(2 days ago) Health Economics Information Resources: A Self-Study Course: Module 1 Additional Content A glossary of health economics and related terms is provided for your use and links have been made to appropriate terms. A list of Web sites and a Bibliography for improving access to health economics information is also linked for viewing.

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The Impact of Social and Cultural Environment on Health

(4 days ago) Health is determined by several factors including genetic inheritance, personal behaviors, access to quality health care, and the general external environment (such as the quality of air, water, and housing conditions). In addition, a growing body of research has documented associations between social and cultural factors and health (Berkman and Kawachi, 2000; Marmot and Wilkinson, 2006).

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Health Care Services for Homeless People

(5 days ago) To the extent that homeless people have been able to obtain needed health care services, they have relied on emergency rooms, clinics, hospitals, and other facilities that serve the poor. Indigent people (with or without a home) experience many obstacles in obtaining health care. For homeless people there are additional barriers. Recognition of the special health care needs of homeless people

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Identifying the health conscious consumer

(1 days ago) Individuals who lead a "wellness-oriented" lifestyle are concerned with nutrition, fitness, stress, and their environment. They accept responsibility for their health and are excellent customers for health-related products and services. Those who lack a wellness orientation are identified as higher …

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Health benefits of herbs and spices: the past, the present

(1 days ago) Public health and dietary implications: Recommendations for intakes of food in the Australian guide to healthy eating do not yet include suggested intakes of herbs and spices. Future consideration should be given to including more explicit recommendations about their place in a healthy diet. In addition to delivering antioxidant and other

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About Health Statistics

(5 days ago) Health statistics are a form of evidence, or facts that can support a conclusion. Evidence-informed policy-making, "an approach to policy decisions that is intended to ensure that decision making is well-informed by the best available research evidence 1," and evidence-based medicine

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Indoor temperature and health: a global systematic review

(1 days ago) Eight main health effects were described: respiratory, blood pressure, core temperature, blood glucose, mental health and cognition, heat-health symptoms, physical functioning and influenza transmission. Five studies found respiratory symptoms worsened in warm indoor environments, with one reporting indoor temperatures higher than 26 °C, which

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Understanding Population Health and Its Determinants

(5 days ago) For most people, thinking about health and health care is a very personal issue. Assuring the health of the public, however, goes beyond focusing on the health status of individuals; it requires a population health approach. As noted in Chapter 1, America's health status does not match the nation's substantial health investments. The work of assuring the nation's health also faces dramatic

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The Role of Public Health and Partnerships to Promote Eye

(5 days ago) Health has been defined as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (WHO, 1948). A population health approach involves multiple actors who work separately and cooperatively “on the interrelated conditions and factors that influence the health of populations over the life course, . . . systematic variations in their

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Income inequality and health: a causal review

(1 days ago) There is a very large literature examining income inequality in relation to health. Early reviews came to different interpretations of the evidence, though a large majority of studies reported that health tended to be worse in more unequal societies. More recent studies, not included in those review …

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Health Economics Online Course

(4 days ago) Health Economics Information Resources: A Self-Study Course. Key General Economics Concepts. This section is intended to present the names and descriptions of concepts that were not covered in the four health economics modules available for study.

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Challenges Facing the Health System and Implications for

(5 days ago) What System? The health care system can hardly be called a system. Rather it is a dizzying array of highly decentralized sectors. Although the size of physician groups is growing, 37 percent of practicing physicians are still in solo or two-person practices (Center for Studying Health System Change, 2002).

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Education Improves Public Health and Promotes Health Equity

(3 days ago) First, health is a prerequisite for education: hungry children or children who cannot hear well, or who have chronic toothaches, eg, are hindered in their learning. 5 Second, education about health (ie, health education) occurs within schools and in many public health interventions; it is a central tool of public health. 6 Third, physical

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Effects of Health Insurance on Health

(5 days ago) This chapter presents the Committee's review of studies that address the impact of health insurance on various health-related outcomes. It examines research on the relationship between health insurance (or lack of insurance), use of medical care and health outcomes for specific conditions and types of services, and with overall health status and mortality. There is a consistent, positive

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Tomatoes and cardiovascular health

(1 days ago) Diet is believed to play a complex role in the development of cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in the Western world. Tomatoes, the second most produced and consumed vegetable nationwide, are a rich source of lycopene, beta-carotene, folate, potassium, vitamin C, flavonoids, and vit …

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Financial Literacy, Health Engagement, and Residents

(1 days ago) This study took residents' health level as the research object, adopted the perspective of financial literacy, and used the 2014-2018 China Family Panel Studies data to analyze the impact of financial literacy on the residents' health. The study found that financial literacy could have a significant …

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EuroQol: the current state of play

(1 days ago) The EuroQol Group first met in 1987 to test the feasibility of jointly developing a standardised non-disease-specific instrument for describing and valuing health-related quality of life. From the outset the Group has been multi-country, multi-centre, and multi-disciplinary. The EuroQol instrument i …

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Effects of COVID-19 on College Students’ Mental Health in

(3 days ago) Introduction. Mental health issues are the leading impediment to academic success. Mental illness can affect students’ motivation, concentration, and social interactions—crucial factors for students to succeed in higher education [].The 2019 Annual Report of the Center for Collegiate Mental Health [] reported that anxiety continues to be the most common problem (62.7% of 82,685 …

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Health, absence, disability, and presenteeism cost

(1 days ago) Evidence about the total cost of health, absence, short-term disability, and productivity losses was synthesized for 10 health conditions. Cost estimates from a large medical/absence database were combined with findings from several published productivity surveys. Ranges of condition prevalence and …

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Health Benefits of Culinary Herbs and Spices

(1 days ago) Health Benefits of Culinary Herbs and Spices J AOAC Int. 2019 Mar 1;102(2):395-411. doi: 10.5740/jaoacint.18-0418. Epub 2019 Jan 16. Author T Alan Jiang 1 Affiliation 1 Nouritek International LLC, Timonium, MD 21093. PMID: 30651162 DOI: 10.5740/jaoacint

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France: Health System Review

(1 days ago) Despite health outcomes being among the best in the European Union, social and geographical health inequities remain. Inequality in the distribution of health care professionals is a considerable barrier to equity. The rising cost of health care and the increasing demand for long-term care are also of concern.

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Social marketing in public health

(1 days ago) Social marketing, the use of marketing to design and implement programs to promote socially beneficial behavior change, has grown in popularity and usage within the public health community. Despite this growth, many public health professionals have an incomplete understanding of the field. To advanc …

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Health interventions for people who are homeless

(1 days ago) Primary health-care programmes specifically tailored to homeless individuals might be more effective than standard primary health care. Standard case management, assertive community treatment, and critical time intervention are effective models of mental health-care delivery.

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Responsibility for health: personal, social, and environmental

(3 days ago) Most of the discussion in bioethics and health policy has focused on society's obligation to provide access to healthcare. 13 Undoubtedly, ensuring access is an important social responsibility, but there are many other ways in which societies can promote health, such as through sanitation, pollution control, food and drug safety, health

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Developing a process-evaluation plan for assessing health

(1 days ago) 1 Department of Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior, Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina 29208, USA. [email protected]; PMID: 15855283 DOI: 10.1177/1524839904273387 Abstract Process evaluation is used to monitor and document program implementation and can aid in understanding the

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Domestic Violence

(5 days ago) Family and domestic violence including child abuse, intimate partner abuse, and elder abuse is a common problem in the United States. Family and domestic health violence are estimated to affect 10 million people in the United States every year. It is a national public health problem, and virtually all healthcare professionals will at some point evaluate or treat a patient who is a victim of

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Health Justice: A Framework (and Call to Action) for the

(1 days ago) Health, equity, and justice make up the keystone of a functional, thriving society. These principles are unsatisfied when they do not apply equally to all members of society. This Article describes the social and legal roots of poor health and how health inequity, social injustice, and poverty are inextricably linked.

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Chapter 4 Mental Health Care for American Indians and

(4 days ago) The IHS also acts "as the principal Federal health advocate for the American Indian and Alaska Native people in the building of health coalitions, networks, and partnerships with Tribal nations and other government agencies as well as with non-Federal organizations [such as] academic medical centers and private foundations" .

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Health and climate change: policy responses to protect

(1 days ago) Health and climate change: policy responses to protect public health. Health and climate change: policy responses to protect public health Lancet. 2015 Nov 7;386(10006):1861-914. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(15)60854-6. Epub 2015 Jun 25. Authors Nick Watts 1

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