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Blackouts : Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

(1 days ago) The condition can either occur due to simple issues or you can suffer from some serious health issues leading to the loss of consciousness. While it is also known as fainting, swooning, or passing put, you can make a rapid recovery. But, it is better to check your health condition by consulting a medical professional.

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How To Lower Blood Pressure

(2 days ago) Healthy dictionary definition | healthy defined

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Hematocrit Levels: Causes, Symptoms

(8 days ago) Different underlying health conditions can trigger the variation in the hematocrit levels. So, the doctor first tries to understand the exact health condition causing the problem. Based on the underlying issues and the overall health of the patient, the doctor adopts the apt treatment plan.

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Livedo Reticularis: Causes, Picture, Symptoms And …

(3 days ago) Secondary Livedo Reticularis. It is the skin disorder occurring due to some underlying health condition. The health condition can other symptoms along with mottled skin.. Causes Of Livedo Reticularis. As mentioned earlier, the skin can look mottled due to small reason or can suggest some serious underlying health issues.

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Muscle Atrophy: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And …

(9 days ago) Several underlying health conditions or diseases can decrease muscle mass. As a result, you can experience wasting of muscles. One of the major reasons for the muscles wasting is the lack of physical movement or activity. It mainly affects people who are bedridden due to an injury or illness. So, you may find it difficult to move your arm or leg.

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Rotten Teeth: Causes, Picture, Symptoms And Treatment

(4 days ago) Rotten teeth can affect your physical health as well as your mental peace. You will feel embarrassed to talk to others when you have decaying teeth. It can affect your self-confidence adversely. Ignoring the problem can also develop severe health problems. Therefore, see your dentist regularly to check for any problems.

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Gallbladder Infection: Causes, Picture, Symptoms, And

(3 days ago) A gallbladder infection can result in severe complications in your body. It can lead to severe pain, fever, nausea, and other health problems. The infection occurs when the gallstones get struck at the gallbladder opening. The problem also referred to as cholecystitis can disrupt your daily life. So, you need to get treatment for the issue as

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Ascites: Causes, Picture, Symptoms

(9 days ago) The treatment focusses on overcome the health problem. Once your doctor detects the issue precisely, you get the right treatment plan. So, the following option can help you overcome the issue: Diuretics. It is the most common treatment option used to treat the condition. The diuretics pills increase the salt amount in your body.

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Smelly Feet: Causes, Picture, Symptoms And Treatment

(3 days ago) Unlike other health problems, the smelly feet are usually a problem in itself. In most cases, people suffering from the issue can experience signs like: Foul odor when you remove the shoes; Cheesy odor; Infections (like ringworm) Pitted keratolysis; In severe cases, the stinking smell can occur with the shoes on.

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What To Do Next If You Think You Have The

(2 days ago) The local health department can offer you guidelines on the next step you need to take and offer the necessary information. Emergency Medical Attention If You Think You Have The Coronavirus Infection. It is important to observe the symptoms closely when you have the coronavirus infection. At times, some signs need immediate medical attention.

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Albuminuria: Causes, Picture, Symptoms, And Treatment

(2 days ago) If your doctor suspects an underlying health condition, the ACR test is suggested. It is the Albumin-to-creatinine ration taken with the twenty-four period. The ratio between the albumin and creatinine during the time period can help your doctor determine the presence of health problem.

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Early Pregnancy Symptoms: Signs You May Be Pregnant

(9 days ago) Implantation bleeding is one of the early pregnancy symptoms that you can control by taking care of your health. Avoid smoking as it can harm your health. Try to stop consuming alcohol as it can lead to heavy bleeding. If you are trying or have more chances of getting pregnant, stop using illicit drugs. Early Pregnancy Symptom Indicating Conception

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Chronic Pancreatitis: Causes, Picture

(5 days ago) The other factors that influence the pancreatic health and put you at risk are: Smoking: Smoking can affect your overall health. But, it can also result in pancreatic inflammation. Age: People who have ages between thirty and forty are more prone to the issue. Men: The condition can occur more commonly in men compared to women.

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Health & Wellness Archives

(3 days ago) The History Of IVF: Where It All Began. May 19, 2021 0 comments. On the 15 July 1978, the world’s first ‘test-tube baby’ Louise Brown was born, marking the birth of today’s IVF fertility treatments. But the origin of the concept of IVF – or in vitro fertilisation (fertilisation outside the womb) – goes back to early experiments in

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Mouth Ulcers: Causes, Picture, Symptoms

(7 days ago) Some indicate serious health complications. The condition can trigger some uncomfortable situations. You may find difficult to have food, drinks, brush properly or even talk with others. The problem clears without any medical intervention. But, if the mouth ulcers last more than three weeks, then you need immediate treatment.

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Hypothalamus Function Disorders: Causes

(6 days ago) The hormones are highly significant to maintain the balance in the body. Therefore, hypothalamus function disorders can create problems in the normal functioning of the body. It can result in several health disorders that can cause distress, pain, and other complications in your life. Therefore, you need to know more about the dysfunction of

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Tingling In Hands And Feet: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

(1 days ago) Some health condition requires early medical intervention to prevent severe complications. So, consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. Getting necessary treatment for the condition can prevent other complications like severe nerve damage. So, see a doctor immediately to find a solution to the problem.

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Blood In Mucus: Causes, Picture, Symptoms And Treatment

(9 days ago) The health condition occurs often with an infection, which requires immediate medical attention. A Severe Cough. If you cough persistently for some time, then it irritates your upper respiratory tract. The prolonged cough can put a strain on the respiratory tract and result in the tearing of the blood vessels in the area. So, you can see blood

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Low Glycemic Diet: Foods to Include

(2 days ago) People who value their health more tend to keep their body fit. But, many gym-goers believe that they need high sugar levels to energize their bodies. But, it is a misconception as a low-GI diet can serve the purpose. It will help you go through your basic training program with high endurance. You can increase your stamina to maximize performance.

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Yellow Fever : Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

(7 days ago) Yellow fever or YF is a potentially serious flu-like disease caused by mosquitoes. As the name suggests, the disease can cause flu-like symptoms like fever. The disease can cause yellowing of skin and eye ( jaundice ), which gives the disease its name. This disease is prevalent in different parts of Africa as well as South America.

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Anterolisthesis : Causes, Pictures, Symptoms And Treatment

(6 days ago) Anterolisthesis is the main problem that can cause you severe pain and discomfort. It will restrict your movements as well as your daily functions. If ignored, it can affect the other parts of your body. So, you may feel pain in the arms and legs. You need to seek medical attention for the issue.

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Night Terrors: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

(4 days ago) By curing the health problem, you can see the frequent episodes of sleep terrors decreasing. Eliminating Stress. Stress is the negative emotion in your life leading to several issues. It can trigger anxiety that is the root cause of several sleep disorders.

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Tips To Curb Loneliness While the World

(1 days ago) The mental health professionals like therapists can offer you tools that will help you overcome the isolation effectively. Since in-person therapy is not a feasible option at the moment, you can make use of digital apps to get the therapy online. Several people suffer from depressive disorders during the period.

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Eyelid Swelling: Causes, Picture, Symptoms And Treatment

(Just Now) You can eye vitamins to ensure the good health of the eyes. The vitamins for the eyes can prevent several problems. So, include the following vitamins in your diet: Vitamin A. You need to consume food rich in Vitamin A like sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, etc. to keep your retina healthy and eyes moist. Vitamin C

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Lassa Fever: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

(3 days ago) The World Health Organization (WHO) and other organizations work to raise awareness in areas where Lassa fever is a threat. Community hygiene is essential to prevent rodents from spreading the disease. The effective measures include: Storing all the grains needed for your family as well as other foodstuffs in rodent-proof containers.

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Itchy Neck: Causes, Picture, Symptoms

(5 days ago) The underlying health condition resulting in the problem are: Liver disease; Iron deficiency (Anemia) Thyroid problems; Diagnosis Of Itchy Skin. Since the itching of the skin can occur due to some serious underlying condition, you need to consult a doctor. It is important to eliminate the possibility of serious problems that can trigger life

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Intestinal Blockage

(4 days ago) So, the health conditions leading to the problem are: Crohn’s disease, causing the thickening of your intestinal walls and narrowing the passageway. Abdominal cancer resulting in surgical intervention to remove a tumor or undergo radiation therapy.

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Mental Retardation: Causes, Symptoms

(3 days ago) Mental Retardation refers to the lack of mental ability or the skills to perform the day-to-day living. It is known as intellectual disability. It makes a person have below-average intelligence. Therefore, it indicates the lack of mental ability to adapt quickly to a situation or circumstances. People having an intellectual disability can learn

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Brown Spots On Face: Causes, Picture

(4 days ago) Any unexplained spots or rash on your body needs immediate medical attention. Some may not cause any health problem, but others can indicate a severe health issue. Cancers can cause brown spots on face as well as other parts of the body. Your dermatologist can perform some tests to detect the actual problem.

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Top 10 And Best Fitness Tips For Working

(7 days ago) Regular exercise is significant for maintaining your overall health. But, the busy schedule can dampen your exercise plans. It is difficult for working mother like you to find the time to exercise. Therefore, the busy schedule, work stress, high pressure, work, sleepless nights, and bad posture can affect your health negatively.

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Wound Healing Stages: Different Phases

(5 days ago) The natural physiological reaction to your injury can go through four stages. The complex phenomenon involves an interplay between your different cell types, mediators, cytokines, and the vascular system. So, the different wound healing stages are: Hemostasis Phase. Inflammatory Phase. Proliferative Phase.

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Kawasaki Disease: Causes, Picture

(1 days ago) Kawasaki disease can trigger inflammation in the walls of your veins, arteries, and capillaries throughout the body. But, it tends to affect the coronary arteries particularly. KD can also affect the lymph nodes. So, it triggers issues in your throat, mouth, and nose. It …

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Bloating: Causes, Picture, Symptoms And Treatment

(9 days ago) Ten to twenty-five percent of healthy persons experience bloating. Also in this fast and stressed world, most people could have experienced bloating at some point of time in their life. Hence bloating has become the prime concern of health issues of the humankind. The abdominal bloating term is used interchangeably with abdominal distension.

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Spleen Pain: Causes, Picture, Symptoms, Diagnosis And

(3 days ago) Several health conditions can result in enlarged spleen. You may suffer from the problem due to several reasons including: Bacterial infections like the infection of the inner lining of your heart (endocarditis) or syphilis; Viral infections like mononucleosis; Parasitic infections like malaria; Liver diseases like cirrhosis

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Hepatitis A, B, And C: Causes, Symptoms, Transmission

(1 days ago) For adults, the condition comes under control within three months. But, 20% of the adults become carriers for the infection. So, they are vulnerable to the infection in the future. While others achieve lifelong immunity. Infants, older children, and people with immunity issues can develop severe health complications due to HBV.

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Itchy Eyelids: Causes, Picture, Symptoms, And Treatment

(5 days ago) With good eyelid care, you can handle the problem most of the time. But, chronic cases of the problem need medical attention. Although the issue cannot cause any harm to your health or life, it can put you in distress. Therefore, you need to control the …

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Cerebellum: Location, Function

(1 days ago) So, it prevents health risks like stroke. By including physical activity for just two and a half hours of exercise per week can enhance your quality of life. Head Protection. Protecting your head from the trauma or injury can prevent any health risk. So, you need to follow the safety guidelines to avoid any health

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