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Studies of Communities Near Hog Farms Find Bad Health

(6 days ago) The longterm health effects are…not good. Now, a first-of-its-kind study shows that air pollution from Duplin County farms is linked to roughly 98 premature deaths per year, 89 of which are

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Male Health in Your Forties

(3 days ago) For some men, their 40s are the first time they might consider cosmetic treatments to improve their facial appearance, according to Dr. Matthew Avram, …

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Male Health in Your Sixties

(3 days ago) If it's 2 centimeters, the risk of surgery isn't worth it and she might just check on it in six months or a year, according to osteopath George Kessler. There's no magic number, but probably by

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Male Health in Your Fifties

(3 days ago) "The penis is the dipstick of the body's health," says Fisch. "It's a telltale. If you have trouble with erections, then it indicates a problem with your health.

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6 Best Massage Guns Reviews 2021

(7 days ago) These little health gadgets drum the hell out of your shoulders, lower back, neck, arms, thighs, calves, glutes, and wherever the hell else. That deep …

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Is Porn Bad for You

(9 days ago) Finally, some clarity. According to a recent study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine on the connection between Internet porn and sexual outcomes, most respondents (75.5 percent of 830 adults

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Here's What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Human Meat

(6 days ago) The "laughing death" was caused by eating human meat. According to NPR, the Fore people ate their dead instead of burying them to protect them from worms and …

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20 Best HBO Documentaries of All Time

(8 days ago) The documentary, titled after the acclaimed novel Girl, Interrupted, is a front-row seat to the metamorphosis of mental health. Equally subtle and abrasive, Boy,

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How to Get a Happy Ending Massage

(9 days ago) First, open Google. Then find the right codes to let her know exactly how relaxed you want to be. I don't want to get a happy ending with my massage, but let's say I did. Is that even a

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The Least Livable Body in America's Most Livable City

(9 days ago) The health disparities are particularly brutal, considering that the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) is the largest nongovernmental employer in the state of Pennsylvania, UPMC

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Male Health in Your Twenties

(4 days ago) 6 Health Tips Everyone Should Follow in Their 20s "If you don't build a foundation in your 20s, it's hard to backtrack when you're 40." Mar 26, 2013 Jamie Chung.

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Agent Orange Manufacturers Face Lawsuit Over Longterm

(1 days ago) Vets who were suffering serious health consequences from exposure to the defoliant were being unconscionably stonewalled by the Veterans Administration under presidents of …

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10 Body Washes That'll Level Up Your Lathering

(2 days ago) Dove Men+Care Body Wash Eucalyptus Cedar, 18 fl. Oz. Dove Men+Care $6.97. SHOP NOW. Natural essential oils and plant-based cleansers are gentle on your skin and turn your shower into

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8 Best Sleep Trackers to Buy 2021

(1 days ago) Fitbit Versa. $199.95. Buy. There's always a fitness tracking watch to consider, if you don't mind wrist wear at night. For sleep tracking, Fitbit is the best brand, and the Fitbit

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9 Best Health Benefits of Sex

(8 days ago) Yes, telomeres, the protective caps on the ends of chromosomes that shorten due to age and outside stress, making them a pretty good indicator of health and even premature mortality.

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Inside LA's Pandemic-Induced Underground Gym Scene

(6 days ago) The LA County Public Health Department has a lengthy checklist of precautions gyms must take, including requiring health checks for employees, having members physically distance, and …

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Naomi Osaka, Kyrie Irving Controversies Spark An Important

(3 days ago) After announcing that she wouldn't do any press at the tournament due to mental health concerns and a wish to avoid insensitive questions from the …

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US Had Advance Knowledge of Argentina Military Coup in 1976

(7 days ago) New documents suggest the U.S. role in Argentina's 1976 military coup was considerable, shameful, and had a lot to do with Kissinger. But I repeat myself.

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24 Fitness Experts On The One Thing They Do In

(8 days ago) The One Thing To Do In Lockdown, According To 24 PTs, Doctors, Nutritionists And Fitness Experts. The world's fittest, healthiest, strongest people are all in isolation. So we tapped them for

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17 Best Luxury Wallets for Men 2021

(7 days ago) A luxury wallet isn't just an everyday essential worth investing in—it's a low-key flex, too. These 17 are worth the extra dough.

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Climate Study Finds Increase in Heat-Related Deaths

(2 days ago) Across all study countries, we find that 37.0% (range 20.5–76.3%) of warm-season heat-related deaths can be attributed to anthropogenic climate change and that increased mortality is …

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Esquire’s 2020 Grooming Awards: Hair, Skincare, Fragrance

(6 days ago) Stress Rescue Super Serum. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare $74.00. Buy. Even our skin got stressed out this year, and this blend of niacinamide, adaptogens, and …

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On David Foster Wallace, Mental Health, and #TalkingAboutIt

(8 days ago) Today, on World Mental Health Day, everyone should take the time to read David Foster Wallace's "The Depressed Person."Published in Harper's …

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14 Best Weed Vaporizers 2021

(6 days ago) The Rubi is an open-tank oil vape that looks strikingly similar to a nicotine vape like Juul's, if that's your vibe. It won’t leak or lose a charge too quickly, and the airflow design ensures

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What James Blake And Andre 3000's Where Is The Catch

(3 days ago) As mental health becomes a driving conversation in hip-hop, James Blake and Andre 3000's Where Is the Catch? is a meditation on depression and paranoia.

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Bob Dylan Discusses George Floyd and COVID-19 In a Rare

(9 days ago) Following the death of George Floyd in the hands of white police in Minneapolis two weeks ago, The New York Times turned to Dylan to again give words to a …

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Healthiest Alcohol

(3 days ago) Alcohol, in general, lowers your risk of gallstones and could help prevent diabetes. And many of your favorite drinks have their own health benefits hidden within them. We …

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John Boehner Says Republicans Will Never Repeal and

(4 days ago) Even then, at the time Kristol wrote this memo, the Clinton health-care plan already was on the ropes. But he was sharp enough to realize that, if it had succeeded, then the parts that people

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Sean Sherman Is Opening Indigenous Food Restaurant Owamni

(4 days ago) Instead, he and his family subsisted on a diet of government supplemental fare, which he credits for the health problems—obesity, heart disease, …

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Donald Trump's Covid Updates

(9 days ago) A Brief Timeline of Donald Trump's Health Updates. Strap in. It's going to be a wild ride. By Abigail Covington. Oct 4, 2020 As soon as news broke …

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What Is Cortisol and Why Is it Destroying My Skin

(9 days ago) A 2013 study by the research group Acta Derm Venereol found that psychological stress could exacerbate eczema and atopic dermatitis, lending credence to a long-held view that poor mental health

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Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Has Become a Political Commentary

(2 days ago) Grey's Anatomy. Has Quietly Become A Show About America's Immoral Healthcare System. Yes, the show is still on TV. And yes, it actually has some damn good commentary. By Adrienne Westenfeld. Nov 7

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How a Man's Hobby Became His Business (and a TV Show)

(7 days ago) American Craftsman: Eric Gorges of Voodoo Choppers. On the north side of Detroit in a noticeably well-organized workshop, Eric Gorges is crafting a delicately curved fuel fuel tank for a new

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2021 Westminster Dog Show Photos

(4 days ago) Jun 13, 2021. TIMOTHY A. CLARY Getty Images. If there’s anything that can unite the internet, it’s a picture of an adorable dog. This year, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog show is out here

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Conservative Bishops Push to Deny Joe Biden Communion Over

(3 days ago) 1 day ago · The Clan of the Red Beanie’s American branch always has looked hungrily at the rising political power of that splinter of American Protestantism that has attached itself to conservative politics

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Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Sucks, But It's Bipartisan!

(9 days ago) Conservative Senate Democrats are teaming with "moderate" Republicans on an infrastructure bill that completely fails to meet the needs of the moment. But it does check the most important box of all.

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Regé-Jean Page Is Now the Most Likely Successor to Daniel

(6 days ago) 9 hours ago · In odds released by Ladbrokes, Page has leapfrogged Hardy to take evens on becoming 007, while Hardy has slipped to 4/1 odds. Hardy is closely followed in …

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Joe Manchin 'For the People Act' Compromise Changed the

(Just Now) S.1, the For the People Act, will get a first vote in the Senate on Tuesday. When Republicans block even debating it, the West Virginia senator will have a decision to make.

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Donald Trump Was So Bothered About 'SNL' He Contacted the

(7 days ago) After the four year fever dream that was the Trump presidency, details continue to emerge about the batshit lunacy that transpired while he was in office. In a modern day miracle, Trump didn't

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Judge Tosses Lawsuit Against Trump Over Lafayette Square

(7 days ago) 7 hours ago · There was another Trumpist outbreak this week. Trumpism, a highly contagious variant of late 20th-century conservatism, is proving damned hard to eradicate. It particularly targets the federal

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NFL's Carl Nassib Comes Out as Gay. Will the NFL Do Their

(1 days ago) 10 hours ago · On Naomi Osaka, Kyrie Irving, and Mental Health "I just want to take a quick moment to say that I'm gay," Nassib said in a video posted to Instagram. "I've been meaning to do this for a …

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Republicans Blocked Debate on S.1 For the People Act

(9 days ago) 3 hours ago · The Senate on Tuesday played host to an infuriating kabuki. These two nominations gave Senators Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley a chance to beat on their little tin drums.

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Supreme Court Rules Against NCAA in Student Athlete

(9 days ago) 1 day ago · Charles P. Pierce Charles P Pierce is the author of four books, most recently Idiot America, and has been a working journalist since 1976.

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Three Civil Rights Activists Murdered Outside Philadelphia

(Just Now) 1 day ago · On June 21, 1964, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner, and James Chaney were pulled over in the middle of the night near Philadelphia, Mississippi. They were abducted by …

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Russian Pipeline's Methane Leak Visible From Space

(2 days ago) 10 hours ago · Methane is a problem for the climate that we only now have begun to study and understand, but the basic corporate pipeline leak protocol remains in place.

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Best 'Karen' Movie Trailer Twitter Reactions

(5 days ago) As the trailer goes on, Karen shows up to her new neighbor's house with a pie, saying, "There she is, slaving away in the kitchen," as she spies the …

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'Ted Lasso' Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot Details

(6 days ago) Friends, countrymen, coffee and tea drinkers alike: a new trailer for the next season of Ted Lasso has arrived.Before you even watch it, let me …

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