Open Enrollment: Getting health insurance for 2022 Open

An unexpected health event could end up costing thousands, so it might be worth a higher monthly premium in exchange for a lower deductible and out-of-pocket limits. Look closely at the specifics of the various plans being offered to avoid a costly medical bill surprise.

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Pfizer booster shots now available for certain patients

(8 days ago) (Send your questions to [email protected], or write: Ask the Doctors, c/o UCLA Health Sciences Media Relations, 10960 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1955, Los Angeles, CA 90025. Owing to the volume of mail, personal replies cannot be provided.)

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COVID-19 vaccine booster shots available to many people

(8 days ago) To learn more about the vaccines and for the latest information visit UCLA Health's COVID-19 Vaccine Info Hub. (Send your questions to [email protected], or write: Ask the Doctors, c/o UCLA Health Sciences Media Relations, 10960 …

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The hidden health risks of loneliness in men UCLA Health

(7 days ago) According to the American Psychological Association (APA), the health effects associated with loneliness include: Dementia & cognitive decline: Researchers find that loneliness is associated with a 40% increased risk for dementia. Depression: Feeling lonely can raise your stress level and interrupt healthy sleep, making you prone to depression.

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Share Your Story UCLA Health Connect

(8 days ago) UCLA Health Connect is a place for patients, families and UCLA Health staff to share their experiences. Submit your story by using the form below. Please note that you will need to create a user account or login. Please note that we cannot diagnose conditions, provide second opinions or make specific treatment recommendations through this

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Get to know La Comunidad, UCLA Health’s new Latina/o

(7 days ago) Moreno is the chair of La Comunidad, UCLA Health’s new Latino/a, Latinx/Latine Affinity Group. With Hispanic Heritage Month upon us, members of the group are reflecting on the experiences that brought them together and the goals they aim to achieve within their organization.

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How Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine was tested and authorized

(8 days ago) Annabelle de St. Maurice, MD, MPH, a pediatrician and infectious disease expert at UCLA Health, explains the rigorous vetting and testing required to make a vaccine available to the American public. “There are no medications that are studied more, and more rigorously monitored, than vaccines,” Dr. de St. Maurice says. Phases of testing

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Oral Health UCLA Health Connect

(9 days ago) Weeds Sukhumthammarat, MD, DDS, will speak on the importance of Oral Health. Good dental hygiene is an essential part of healthy aging. Learn more about the importance of practicing good oral hygiene, using fluoride treatments, and getting regular dental care which reduces oral infections and their complications for seniors. Hosted by: WISE & Healthy AgingContactRSVP: (800) 516-5323

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Seeing gun violence as a public health issue Seeing gun

(7 days ago) UCLA Health researchers explore gun ownership and attitudes in understudied California populations. Gun violence isn’t just a criminal justice issue, it’s a public health issue, says Michael Rodriguez, MD, MPH, a professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health.. Dr. Rodriguez has been studying gun violence for more than 25 years.

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Moving away from toxic treatments for breast cancer

(4 days ago) UCLA Health oncologist Sara Hurvitz, MD, started working on the review analysis, published Oct. 8 in the science journal Nature: Breast Cancer, shortly after completing her fellowship in …

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UCLA Health’s dedication to assisting veterans dates back

(7 days ago) UCLA Health’s partnership with the VA has led to robust and ongoing research into veteran-specific health care needs as well as general health care and mental health care advances. “We have what we would call an embedded research workforce in the largest integrated delivery system in the country,

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Daylight saving: Is it worth our time and our health

(4 days ago) Some mental health experts believe there is a related psychological effect associated with the changing of clocks – in that it essentially forces people to acknowledge that longer, darker evenings are ahead. In similar research, an Australian study documented more male suicides taking place after time changes in both the spring and the fall.

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Flu Shot UCLA Health Connect

(6 days ago) UCLA Health’s community flu-shot clinics help protect residents during flu season by offering vaccinations for adults and children ages 5 years and older. The shots are $29 if not covered by insurance. Standard or high-dose vaccines are available to those ages 65 and older. Flu shots are available at no cost to members of the UCLA Health 50-Plus program at the participating UCLA …

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Why your sense of smell is important to your health Why

(4 days ago) Mental health. Your sense of smell is closely connected to the part of the brain involved in behavioral and emotional responses. That’s why certain odors spark strong emotions, influence behavior and trigger memories. Smell can also determine your attraction to other people.

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What a top COVID-19 researcher does when he wakes up with

(4 days ago) Omai Garner, PhD, director of clinical microbiology for UCLA Health, had these same concerns when he woke up one recent morning with a stuffy nose. Dr. Garner has been at the forefront of COVID-19 testing research since the pandemic started. When his respiratory symptoms surfaced, he immediately wondered: “Is it a cold or COVID?”

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Addressing health care worker burnout Addressing health

(Just Now) UCLA Health's Dr. Robert Cherry speaks on the topic of health care worker burnout along with, clockwise from upper left, moderator Liz Whitehead, assistant managing editor, U.S. News & World Report; Ernest Grant, PhD, RN, president of the American Nurses Association; Victor Dzau, MD, president of the National Academy of Medicine; and Redonda Miller, MD, MBA, president of The …

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Health impacts on first responders of 9/11 linger 20 years

(1 days ago) Treating physical and mental health. Shulman is among six 9/11 patients Dr. Lynch has treated. Though UCLA is 3,000 miles from the scene of the event, its pool of medical experts has treated people from near and far suffering the health consequences of 9/11’s aftermath.

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COVID-19 brought back old-fashioned house calls COVID-19

(Just Now) UCLA Health was ready, nonetheless. Four years ago, the health system created the Extensivist Program, a back-to-the-future home care approach that has been a particular success during the pandemic, benefiting patients at high risk for COVID-19.

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Do fitness enthusiasts really need supplements

(9 days ago) Health and nutrition influencers can be found easily across all channels of social media pushing supplements through paid partnerships. However, Dr. Dana Ellis Hunnes, PhD, MPH, RD a clinical inpatient dietitian at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and adjunct assistant professor in the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health,

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Game-changing artificial kidney, now in development

(8 days ago) ‘Ours is the only project that simulates the essential functions of the kidney in one device,’ says Dr. Ira Kurtz, chief of the UCLA Health Division of Nephrology. A portable, totally man-made artificial kidney that is small enough to fit inside a backpack is potentially a game …

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Lung cancer: Ending stigma and improving treatment Lung

(2 days ago) A health educator and fitness trainer who also graduated from UCLA, Nafman-Onda never smoked, yet was diagnosed with stage 3 adenocarcinoma of the lung in 2018. Frustrated that national campaigns implied lung cancer stems only from smoking, the Colorado couple made a white ribbon out of plywood in their garage to encourage greater awareness of

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What COVID-19 revealed about obesity and our immune system

(1 days ago) UCLA Health’s Zhaoping Li, MD, and Vijaya Surampudi, MD, addressed the challenges in a newly published medical review exploring studies out of New York that identifies obesity as the second-highest risk factor – behind age – for severe disease and death from COVID-19.

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Women’s Health: Everything you need to know UCLA Health

(4 days ago) Gynecologic health: Menstruation, menopause and beyond A yearly well-woman exam is an important component of overall health care, regardless of a woman’s age or fertility status. From the reproductive years through menopause and beyond, this annual gynecological visit is “an opportunity to make sure any symptoms a woman is experiencing

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Fighting cancer with the right mental health support

(Just Now) Cultural competency, where health care providers strive to deliver services that meet the linguistic, social, regional and cultural needs of patients, is one of the pillars of the Simms/Mann-UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology. Like Keshishian, Dr. Ogaryan is an Armenian-American who also moved to the U.S. as a toddler. Each speak Armenian

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Insulin resistance can be helped with diet, exercise

(4 days ago) (Send your questions to [email protected], or write: Ask the Doctors, c/o UCLA Health Sciences Media Relations, 10960 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1955, Los Angeles, CA 90025. Owing to the volume of mail, personal replies cannot be provided.)

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Nicotine, e-cigarettes, cannabis: All pose different risks

(3 days ago) Nicotine is a powerfully addictive substance and can result in health issues such as heart disease, lung disease and cancer. “Quitting the use of a nicotine substance is very challenging. Nicotine is more addictive physiologically in our brain than even cocaine or heroin is,” said Russell Buhr,

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Staying COVID-19 safe during the holidays Staying COVID

(4 days ago) A year ago, cautiously planned Thanksgiving get-togethers preceded a deadly surge in COVID-19 cases. Now, with more than 73% of Los Angeles County residents age 12 and older fully vaccinated, it’s shaping up to be a much safer holiday season, says Annabelle de St. Maurice, MD, MPH, a pediatrician and infectious disease expert at UCLA Health.. If you’re planning an in-person event for

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Olympics puts mental health of elite athletes in the

(Just Now) It controls everything, mental and physical,” says Doug Polster, PhD, a sports psychologist at UCLA Health. When world-champion gymnast Simone Biles withdrew from competition at the Tokyo Olympics over mental-health concerns, she became the latest elite athlete to make clear that physical and psychological health are inextricable.

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COVID-19 vaccines: allergic reactions and booster news

(6 days ago) This will likely apply to health care workers, nursing home residents, and those who were the first to receive the vaccines. As a reminder, the Pfizer vaccine is authorized for emergency use in individuals who are age 12 and older. The Moderna vaccine is authorized for …

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COVID-19 has changed the way we view dating and intimacy

(9 days ago) One survey participant, Terri, discussed with UCLA Health how the pandemic has affected her marriage. “We got married in December of 2019, just a few months before the pandemic, so when the pandemic hit we were still newlyweds. It was definitely an adjustment,” she said. “I noticed there was a difference in our intimacy, because there was

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Study reveals challenges faced by college students during

(8 days ago) The study was published Aug. 31 in the Cureus Journal of Medical Science.. Among the study’s key finds was the need to improve access to mental health care. “Almost all the students in our study struggled with the pandemic in some way,” said Dr. Hotez, a …

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Back to School UCLA Health Connect

(6 days ago) Back to school: For children with disabilities, collaboration on returning to classrooms is essential. All children are likely to have had mental health challenges due to the pandemic, but they may be particularly heightened among children with special needs, say UCLA Health experts.

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‘I have high blood pressure…now what

(8 days ago) UCLA Health offers publications for patients and physicians highlighting the latest findings in medicine, research and wellness to support healthy active living. SUBSCRIBE NOW English

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Recognize the non-headache symptoms of migraine

(3 days ago) Neurologists are learning about the mechanics of migraine by documenting its non-headache symptoms. Migraine afflicts more than 39 million people in the United States, yet much of the biology behind this disabling condition remains poorly understood.

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Second bilateral lung transplant gives an international

(Just Now) UCLA Health’s International Services stepped in to provide an Arabic-speaking navigator to help bridge the communication gap and provide a familiar face for Alharbi during his stay in Los Angeles. “UCLA Health sees patients from all around the world, and it’s really great to know that we have services to help them navigate through a very stressful time,” Dr. Ramsey says.

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Circadian diet another form of intermittent fasting

(4 days ago) Humans generally eat during the day and fast at night while we sleep. This is basically a form of intermittent fasting, which research suggests has a range of health benefits such as improved blood sugar control, lower levels of inflammation, better blood pressure numbers and more healthful blood lipid levels.

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What Gen. Colin Powell’s death from COVID-19 complications

(2 days ago) Vaccines remain the best way to protect against COVID-19, says UCLA Health infectious disease expert Dr. Paul Adamson.. Colin Powell’s death on Oct. 18 from complications of COVID-19 shocked the nation — not only because the former U.S. secretary of state had been such a stalwart figure in American politics, but because he’d been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

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Is there a link between childhood trauma and adult

(5 days ago) To improve care, the health care system must make it easier to connect the patient with adequate support, Dr. Mendizabal says. Currently, there is a shortage of mental health specialists, and only a subset of these accept publicly funded insurance such as Medicaid or Medicare .

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2 doctors go from colleagues to friends as one saves the

(1 days ago) Dr. Sammy Saab suffered a ‘widow maker’ heart attack, needing emergency care led by Dr. Tamer Sallam. Eight months after a massive heart attack, Sammy Saab, MD, MPH, medical director of the Adult Liver Transplant Program at UCLA Health, trekked 60 miles of mountain trails with his 17-year-old daughter’s Girls in Boy Scouts of America troop.

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A guide to toxic stress in kids A guide to toxic stress

(4 days ago) Toxic stress can negatively affect children’s health and behavior. In the short term, toxic stress can lead to: · Anxiety. · Sadness. · Problems concentrating or remembering things. · Behavioral problems. · Alcohol and drug use. · Other risk-taking behaviors. · …

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Tips for a COVID-safe Halloween Tips for a COVID-safe

(4 days ago) County health officials recommend avoiding haunted houses, where crowding and screaming are likely. When we yell or scream, we emit droplets that can carry viruses and these droplets can build up indoors. If a screamer is infected with COVID-19, …

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Teen depression: How to spot the signs Teen depression

(Just Now) If you have concerns about your child’s mental health or see signs of depression, reach out to their primary care provider. The UCLA Youth Stress & Mood Program (YSAM) and the ASAP Center both offer evidence-based treatment that is likely to reduce suffering and enhance outcomes in children and teenagers suffering from depression.

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